Metro 911 of Kanawha County

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Charleston, WV

Addressing Information

Metro 911 is assigning new city-style addresses for unincorporated Kanawha County in order to improve emergency response and comply with new federal guidelines. We are currently working with the United States Postal Service to finalize all new address assignments.

Addressing FAQs

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Road Naming Information

The objective of road naming is to eliminate duplicate or phonetically similar road names.

Countywide road names and addresses will help law enforcement, fire and EMS save lives and property by reducing the time it takes them to reach the scene of an emergency. A road name shall be assigned to any public or private road, or roadway which provides access to two or more residences, businesses, industries or combination thereof, regardless of the length of the road.

The Addressing Office shall disapprove newly proposed road names that are duplicated or deceptively similar to the name of any other public or private road in the county. This shall include road names that have a different suffix.

DMV Required Documents for Applicants who are United States Citizens

DMV Change of Address Form: DMV-98-TRB